Mobile aqua-aeroblock pile-up structure-foundation building; green open vertical stacked modular residential/commercial units; artificial wood/plant steel or aeroblock beam wrapping and grass flooring; high ceiling with painted clouds and blue sky; gardens, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, beach-sea-pool, wall painted sea/mountain horizon; natural view with half way glass fence-window; modular decoration accessories; car/pedestrian exterior elevator/stairs with identified digital access and usage charge; solar-wind-biodigestive economic energy and sanitation; building maintenance individually paid to constructor; no collective expenses, Home Owner Association or management fees.
Modules with/without legs to be installed at ground and above green floors.
Vertical Houses BH 1
Global Incubator University
Modular mobile pressurized composite blocks (carbon fiber, fiberglass, resin and aerogel) connected and secured to the ground by steel cable; without weight, weight minimized or lighter than air; solar panel/film; structural and water/electric tubing; aquasolar flotation (water electrolysis) with internal heated hydrogen, steam and/or helium mix; heated oxygen, steam and/or helium mix; aeropads for Sandaeroships on all floors; entire Sandaeroblock building can be aerotowed by a Sandaeroship.
Unlimited Expansion
H2/H2O Sandaeroblock
Mobile Green Building
Unlimited Expansion
Solar-Wind Sandaeronet
3D Energy Production